Tomatoes and Fish?

Friday evening my mom and I went to Stout Oak Farm in Brentwood, NH for their Annual Heirloom Tomato Tasting and if anyone knows me, knows I love tomatoes! Not just a couple varieties, but all of them. We sampled over 20 different kinds of tomatoes yesterday and voted for our favorite. I picked the Sweet Red 101 and so did my mom.

After tasting everything, I thought about what would go good with the redfish we got from our NH Community Seafood Share were having tonight. I talked with sous chef Keith that works at Blue Moon Evolution in Exeter and asked his opinion on what would be a good choice of tomatoes to go with my fish tonight. He suggested some sweet and some with some acidity. With that in info in hand we choose the green tigers, sweet 101s, sun golds and Matt’s Wild Tomatoes. We also grabbed some organic scallions, zucchini and summer squash to toss in the mix too.
I wasn’t so sure that tomatoes were going to go well with the redfish but, what the heck you’re only a kid once! It ended up tasting amazing! The recipe my mom and I came up with was so easy and simple and cleaning was just a matter of throwing away the foil and washing the baking sheet. I hope you enjoy this recipe and yes, tomatoes do, without a doubt do go with fish!
Jayden – The Kid Fish Monger
PS.. Thanks to Kate and all the helpers at Stout Oak Farm for an awesome tomato tasting and the ingredients that we used in our Redfish and Tomato Recipe
Baked Redfish and Tomatoes
3-4 Redfish Fillets Per Person (or more if they are small)
Tomatoes (We used the cherry tomato varieties)
1 Small Organic Zucchini Sliced Thin
1 Small Organic Summer Squash Sliced Thin
1 Bunch Organic Scallions Minced (keep the end of the Scallion green part to put in foil pack)
Fresh Sprigs of Thyme
Fresh Sprigs of Rosemary
Olive Oil
Preheat oven to 400 Degrees
Make 4 Foil Packs
Lay 1st foil pack out and run a small strip of butter down the middle
 Place Redfish skin side down on top of butter and salt and pepper the fish
Arrange all the veggies and herbs around the fish
Salt and Pepper the Veggies and drizzle a little olive oil over the top
Fold the Packets up and Place in the oven for 20 minutes or until cooked through
Remove from oven – open carefully it will be hot and steamy – look how moist and tender it is!
 Arrange on plate and enjoy!

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